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Reducing Your Organization’s Attack Surface

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

With data sharing and enterprise networks being crucial to modern business, it stands to reason that networks continuously expand along with an organization’s growth. And as a network expands, its features, configurations, security systems, routing tables and physical infrastructure all become increasingly complex.

The more complex a network becomes, the more it is subject to security issues. Additional surface area becomes available for hackers to attack. The impact of changes becomes less predictable. And, as different departments establish protocols governing particular parts of the network, conflicting rules can arise. This can all lead to vulnerabilities.

However, there are a number of high-level strategies organizations can implement to manage network complexities.

  1. Simplification. In some cases, especially in the context of small businesses, the complexity of networks can be reduced significantly, without compromising cyber security processes. Companies can look to both the physical and logical structures for areas to consolidate and streamline. If needed, an experienced network designer can help create the most simplified network that will meet the demands of your organization.
  1. Management strategies. In cases where networks require a high level of complexity — such as at mid and large-size businesses — there are some strategies that make complexity easier to manage. For instance, large networks can be subdivided into smaller functional units, making it easier for individual groups to manage parts of the network in line with an overarching governance approach.
  1. Central security operations. With divergent security rules creating issues for complex networks, centralizing security operations can be a critical step for proactive security and risk reduction. Monitoring, analysis and real-time response can either be handled in-house or outsourced to a specialist with the appropriate infrastructure and resources.

With a comprehensive suite of products and services, as well as an unparalleled expertise in cyber security, Lunarline helps organizations around the world overcome issues with network complexity. Whether your need assistance with secure network design and implementation, governance strategies or managed security services, we have the resources and skills to deliver a tailored solution.

To learn more about Lunarline and our three-pronged approach to cyber security, visit lunarline.com or drop us a line today.



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