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Improving Your Organization’s Cyber Security Situational Awareness

In the last decade, businesses and government agencies have seen tremendous growth in their cyber capabilities. Networked technologies have become a necessity for virtually everything an organization does, and electronic data is the lifeblood of most core operations.

However, as institutions have made their move in to cyberspace, black hat hackers, foreign spies and other cyber criminals have been there to greet them. Finding and exploiting system vulnerabilities in rapidly expanding networks, these actors have been responsible for countless damages to both organizations and individuals. And it seems that they’ve outpaced industries’ and governments’ ability to establish competent, consistent cyber defenses.

In response to this challenging situation, organizations must develop the key competency of cyber security situational awareness. The complexity of networks and sheer abundance of threats have made the old, straightforward model of monitoring and reporting obsolete. The raw data is overwhelming, and many security teams are constantly trying to catch up, putting out fires as they happen.

Today, organizations need a multi-faceted strategy that pairs comprehensive intelligence with tactical planning to stay secure. As the research organization MITRE points out in a recent thinkpiece, an effective situational awareness approach must include a complete understanding of an organization’s networks and their vulnerabilities, threat intelligence that spans both internal and external threats, and a comprehensive picture of critical dependencies for key operations.

For organizations lagging behind in their knowledge management efforts, there is some good news — establishing a better situational awareness may not be as monumental of an undertaking as it seems. An important first step is to find tools and services that make intelligence actionable within your organization’s unique network environment.

Lunarline has developed solutions that help can help you build situational awareness. Our advanced malware assessment service, for instance, leverages our industry experience and sophisticated software from Damballa, to prioritize threats in your networks. Similarly, the Ground Station threat intelligence platform makes it easy for security teams to identify risks affecting key resources. In partnership with your organization, we can even help you a security strategy that incorporates situational awareness from the ground up.

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