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CISOs Weigh In on Biggest Security Challenges of 2016

security challenges of 2016

In the past few weeks, Lunarline has weighed in on some of the biggest potential cyber security trends we see for this year, and we’ve offered some advice for organizations and professionals tasked with protecting against emerging threats. Now, to offer a broader view of the anticipated security challenges of 2016, we’re looking to some additional experts in the security field ...

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A Look Ahead: What’s in Store for Cyber Security in 2016

cyber security in 2016

On Tuesday, January 12, President Obama took a non-traditional approach to the final State of the Union Address of his tenure, forgoing the expected series of proposals to congress in favor of, in his words, “a focus on the future.” Now, politics aside, we also feel that it’s a good time to look a look at the future. And for us, ...

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A Look Back: Recapping our Top Five Cyber Security Posts of 2015


In recent years, a number of analyst groups have kept their fingers on the pulse of business’ cyber defense efforts, hoping to understand firms’ evolving attitudes on cyber security and privacy, and how those disciplines fit in to corporate risk management efforts. In general, studies such as The Hartford’s February 2015 survey of mid-sized businesses, have shown that organizations are ...

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Fight Back Against Social Engineering Attacks

social engineering

Despite its reputation, hacking isn’t always about cracking code, installing malicious software or maneuvering past security configurations. Believe it or not, many hackers’ most relied-upon methods are better described as non-technical. Social engineering, a non-technical approach that exploits human error to access confidential information, is a serious threat to organizations and individuals everywhere. For years, cyber criminals have launched social ...

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