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CISOs Weigh In on Biggest Security Challenges of 2016

In the past few weeks, Lunarline has weighed in on some of the biggest potential cyber security trends we see for this year, and we’ve offered some advice for organizations and professionals tasked with protecting against emerging threats.

Now, to offer a broader view of the anticipated security challenges of 2016, we’re looking to some additional experts in the security field for their perspectives. In reviewing these experts’ experience, and how it’s guiding them in their planning for 2016, we’re seeing some common themes that can help guide your organizations in its cyber security efforts this year.

recent study published by Security Current gathered the cyber security predictions of 25 CISOs for major corporations and agencies. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most frequently mentioned concerns and what they mean for your security operations.

1. Better security hygiene.

Many breaches in 2015 came as a result of poor basic security practices. So the common refrain for many CISOs is that their organizations need to focus on getting the fundamentals right. This includes following through on best practices in systems configuration, properly training employees on privacy and security, designing networks securely and reducing attack surface.

2. More careful spending.

Basic security flaws are often the culprit for even the most disastrous incidents. However, in 2015 purchasing of security products and services was weighted toward prevention of advanced persistent threats. In hindsight, CISOs are viewing these purchases as an attempt to find a “magic bullet” solution. Accordingly, many organizations will place more emphasis on finding security partners that can help them operate more efficiently and thoroughly plan their core procedures.

3. Go beyond prevention.

In the past few years, security teams have found that attempting to prevent all intrusions was an inefficient strategy, and one that could lead to critical threats being missed. 2015 marked a shift in focus from preventing breaches toward more robust monitoring, reporting and response capabilities. CISOs expect to continue in this vein, working with security partners that can help them streamline and centralize their operations.

4. A greater intelligence.

In the shift toward active monitoring and reporting, security teams are often overwhelmed with raw reports to process. A tactical approach, prioritizing the most substantial threats to a firm’s systems, calls for more sophisticated knowledge management tools, moving beyond the traditional SIEM setup.

5. Look to the cloud.

CISOs note that cloud-based business platforms continued to gain traction in 2015. Accordingly, the unique security considerations that come along with cloud-hosted data are expected to be a prominent concern for 2016, and organizations will look toward third-party vendors that can help them establish proper security controls for the cloud.

Rather than promoting a “cure-all” preventive security product, Lunarline has developed services and solutions that solve problems organizations face in the day-to-day management of their security. Find out how we can help you meet your cyber security goals for 2016 by visiting Lunarline.com or contacting us today!

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