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Lurking In the Shadows: Monitoring the Dark Web is Essential to Protect Your Organization

dark web

The dark web is not the kind of place for a casual cyber-stroll. Without treading carefully, tourists on Tor might stumble on things they can’t un-see or download malware they can’t resolve. While the anonymized internet has its legitimate uses, it’s also the online home of illegal trade, shadowy subcultures, hackers-for-hire and various other kinds of depravity. However, as odd ...

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Beyond the Firewall: Are Deception Technologies the New Frontier in Cyber Security?

deception technology

Without a doubt, many malicious hackers would like to think of themselves as masters of stealth and deception: striding past firewalls and breezing through ports, exposing the inadequacy of corporate security systems and making off with valuable data or wreaking havoc on resources. However, using a new breed of security tools called deception technology, organizations are positioning themselves to beat ...

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A Multifaceted Approach to Combating Insider Threats

insider threats

Who are organizations protecting their data from, and what are their motivations? For most people, the profiles that come to mind are a lone, malicious hacking wiz out to own corporate networks or an international cyber spy looking for highly sensitive trade secrets. Shady actors such as these are, of course, a big source of security trouble. However, a significant ...

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