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Lurking In the Shadows: Monitoring the Dark Web is Essential to Protect Your Organization

The dark web is not the kind of place for a casual cyber-stroll. Without treading carefully, tourists on Tor might stumble on things they can’t un-see or download malware they can’t resolve. While the anonymized internet has its legitimate uses, it’s also the online home of illegal trade, shadowy subcultures, hackers-for-hire and various other kinds of depravity.

However, as odd as it may seem, the dark web is also an important cyber security resource for organizations. Monitoring activities inside this online underworld can provide threat intelligence, early warnings of malicious activity and evidence of breaches that can help security teams take critical actions for cyber defense.

Like many other groups engaging in illegal activities, malicious hackers take to the dark web, where they plan, exchange strategies, boast about intrusions, etc. Using the right tools, organizations can cull data from these communications. And by doing so, they get first-hand insights in to emerging threats and exploits, including ones that specifically target their systems.

The international black market also finds its online home on the dark web. In addition to illicit substances and stolen merchandise, websites offer sensitive data lifted from corporate networks — from credit card numbers and financial account info to personally identifiable information. Clearly a potential indicator of compromised data on corporate networks, these black market listings can be the initial indication of a breach, as was the case in a 2014 incident involving Home Depot.

To harness the potential of the dark web as a cyber security resource, organizations need cyber intelligence that goes beyond traditional network monitoring and reporting capabilities. Intelligence platforms built for today’s networked environments should integrate dark web data in to a more comprehensive set of sources. And to deliver actionable information, these platforms must simplify the task of mapping intelligence to an organization’s critical assets.

Lunarline offers cyber intelligence capabilities that do all of the above.

Through the Ground Station cyber intel platform and our managed security services, we make it possible for clients to draw insights from the dark web, along with the industry’s most sophisticated intelligence resources, and attain a complete, actionable profile of their specific threat exposure.

To learn more about Lunarline and our services, visit Lunarline.com or contact us today.

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