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3 Tips for Avoiding Data Hostage Situations


At the start of the year, Lunarline predicted that ransomware would be among the top cyber security concerns for 2016. This long-standing threat – in which a hacker takes system resources hostage and demands a fee to regain access – is rapidly becoming more popular. This is a part of a larger, concerning trend in which yesterday’s hacking methods are ...

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Separating Cyber Security Fact from Fiction

separating cyber security fact and fiction

Not that long ago, it was pretty common for organizations to think of cyber security as something of an afterthought; a concern for the IT department alone. But now that data breaches are doing serious damage to major companies and government organizations, that perception has changed. Discussions of privacy protection and cyber risk management are staples of board room meetings, ...

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Fix FedRAMP? A 3PAO’s Perspective

fix FedRAMP

As one of the original accredited Third Part Assessment Organizations (3PAO), Lunarline has been involved with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) since its inception. Lunarline’s team of cyber security professionals are responsible for providing critical guidance and consulting to cloud service providers (CSP) that are just starting to determine their FedRAMP objectives to CSPs that are being ...

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An Invitation to Hack: The 411 on Bug Bounties

bug bounties

Malicious hackers do what they do for a few reasons. One, of course, is the financial gain that comes from defrauding consumers or selling data on black markets. Another is recognition – bragging rights for evading complex safeguards and outwitting security pros. There is also the personal sense of achievement. Many hackers admit that “I just want to see if ...

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