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8 Corporate Cyber Security Risks You Need to Understand

Although cyber security once was considered solely a matter for IT departments, it has now made its way into corporate boardrooms as a regular fixture. According to a 2015 survey by Veracode and the New York Stock Exchange, 46 percent of directors from 184 public companies said cyber security “are discussed at most board meetings.”

And 35 percent said the topic comes up every time the board gets together.

However, even with an increasing emphasis on cyber risk management, not all corporations have developed a clear picture of the risks they face. If that’s the case for your organization, step back and consider what your cyber security efforts are really going up against.

To get started, take a look at some of the most pressing cyber threats to a corporation’s sustainability.

1. Malware, Viruses and Intrusions

Makers of viruses and malware target corporations for a wide range of mischievous ends. They may be looking to sniff out sensitive data on your customers or your operations, or they might be attempting to take down your systems in a ransom attempt.

Whatever the goal of these cybercriminals, a key component of your defense should be an intelligent malware assessment, which not only locates intrusions in your systems, but also helps you prioritize them according to your most critical assets.

2. Outsider Attacks

Considering the value of trade secrets and personally identifiable information, corporations can draw a lot of attention from attackers outside of the organization. Because these outsiders are using increasingly sophisticated intrusion methods, corporations must take a proactive approach to cyber defense, leveraging knowledge management and cyber intelligence tools to complement monitoring and reporting procedures.

3. Third-Party Vulnerabilities

Some major security breaches in the past few years(e.g., Target and Goodwill) involved network-connected third-party vendors, which served as a point of entry for intruders. Cyber security needs to be a consideration in a business’ partnerships, and an assessment of third-party vendors can catch critical vulnerabilities before they become costly breaches.

4. Insider Threats

Whether it’s a disgruntled employee or a case of neglectful behavior with tech resources, insider threats are a very real, very costly source of corporate breaches. Privacy training programs, identity management structures and properly functioning encryption are all part of mitigating the risk.

5. Physical Security

Protecting your data and tech resources isn’t exclusively a cyberspace initiative. An environment where physical security – over things like terminals, servers and other resources – is prioritized is essential for any corporation.

6. Phishing

One of the most popular social engineering methods, phishing, is on the rise, and cyber-criminals are aiming their attacks at corporate employees through email and social media platforms. Educating employees on best practices for these communication tools and enforcing a well-defined technology policy are two important steps in fighting back.

7. Misuse of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices pervade today’s corporate workplaces. But out of the box, many of these devices are not configured for the kind of security protection your corporation needs. Configuring corporate mobile devices for security and setting up networks for safe BYOD access should be priorities.

8. Cloud Apps and Data Vulnerability

The cloud has changed the way corporations work, offering more flexible and efficient ways of doing everyday business. However, cloud platforms also bring new security considerations to the table. To make sure your move to the cloud is secure, it’s best to have expert cloud-security advisers who can help make sure your data stays protected.

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