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The Challenges of Cloud Infrastructure Technology

Should cloud computing be considered a “disruptive” force, or a steady evolution in technology? Right now, that’s a matter of some debate.

Although cloud-based services and platforms have significantly changed the way companies manage their data and tech resources, this transformation didn’t happen overnight.

Still, if you ask the CISOs of many organizations, you’ll find that cloud migrations have caused sudden and sizable effects that have disrupted existing cyber security practices. Security teams struggle to create policies that can keep pace with the various cloud technologies that are being deployed today, and they face challenges in safeguarding cloud infrastructure.

A recent survey of 150 security professionals, conducted by Tufin and Enterprise Strategy Group, has brought to light the difficulties that security departments face in cloud deployments. The most-cited factors include new technologies, new applications and a higher number of devices joining networks.

Among the survey’s most telling results:

  • 69 percent of organizations continue to revise their security policies for cloud delivery.
  • 63 percent of organizations have seen challenges intensify over the past two years thanks to cloud implementations.
  • 49 percent of respondents feel their departments have less skill than they need in cloud infrastructure security.

In addressing potential solutions, 90 percent of respondents felt that automation capabilities could help them catch up. And certainly, automation programs that streamline security configuration are one step in the right direction.

Also critical, however, are education programs that bring security professionals up to speed on cloud infrastructure security, professional cloud services assessment to help identify challenges and cloud security consultation to help teams develop proactive strategies that will end the cycle of constant backward-looking policy revisions.

As a certified FedRAMP 3PAO and trusted expert in cloud security, Lunarline is prepared for the challenges that cloud migrations presents to many organizations, and we can help you make yours secure. To hear about products, services and educational programs that can work for you, contact us online, call us at 571.481.9300 or visit Lunarline.com.

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