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Fill the Cyber Security Gap With Managed Security Services

Millennials aren’t exactly flocking to the cyber security field. Despite its competitive perks and thriving job market, the cyber security career path has largely gone under the radar for young professionals entering the workforce.

And this talent gap has left many companies struggling to find qualified candidates to help them protect their systems and data.

Experts on cyber employment are not painting a rosy picture for the future, either. By 2019, the demand for security professionals is expected to reach 6 million, which outstrips the labor supply by about 1.5 million workers.

Without a sufficient supply of cyber security talent, employers face a number of human resource challenges. The obvious one is the inability to fully staff their security teams. Compounding this is the intense competition that a shortage of labor can bring. Getting your employees trained and onboarded takes time and resources … but when those employees turn over quickly for higher-paid positions elsewhere, that investment doesn’t pay off.

But organizations can’t not take action to secure their networks. So when cyber security employees are in short supply and retention is difficult, what are the options?

A solution worth exploring is to contract with a managed security solutions provider, which bolsters your internal security resources and puts a full-scale security operations center to work on your behalf. Not only is this a simple and cost-effective alternative to hiring new employees, it’s also a way to leverage state-of-the-art security solutions that might otherwise be cost-prohibitive for your organization.

Lunarline is an industry leader in managed security services, and we are continuing to expand the best-in-class infrastructure we put to work for our clients. For more information on our managed security and how it can help you counteract the talent gap, check out our managed security services program. When you’re ready to chat about a tailored solution, please contact us online, call us at 571.481.9300 or visit Lunarline.com.


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