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SmartTeddy Bear

Intrusion Detection for Your SmartTeddy Bear

We’ve become accustomed to the Internet of things (IoT), wearable technologies and in general, the connection of every imaginable object to the Internet. Now, as a generation of children grow up in an increasingly connected world, there’s simply no need for them to access computers … at least, not computers as we know them.

What child wants to type a question into Google when they can just ask the SmartTeddy Bear for the answer?

Yes, the cuddly teddy bears of ol’ are being replaced by the SmartTeddy, which is destined to become the next must-have toy.

As parents everywhere prepare to welcome a cyber-enhanced playmate into their homes, it’s time to ask yourself:

Can you really trust that bear?

“Stuffed bears represent one of the top cyber threats of the 21st century,” says Waylon Krush, CEO and Hacker-in-Chief of cyber security firm Lunarline. “If you thought email was a backdoor into your home, just wait until little Timmy brings home one of these fuzzy cyber time bombs.”

The problem is clear. If cyber criminals can infiltrate major corporate networks, what’s keeping them away from your child’s stuffed companion? Who’s preventing hackers from attempting to brainwash your offspring?

One simple phish, and before you know it, this information-age Teddy Ruxpin is asking your kids to read them your personal health records and play “find the credit card security code.”

Hackers don’t follow a normal schedule, and the SmartTeddy Bear never sleeps. That’s why you need cutting-edge intrusion detection that’s keeping a watch on your child’s favorite toy 24/7. Fortunately, with Lunarline’s managed security services, you can get the same kind of proactive cyber security that major corporations and government agencies use to protect their sensitive data – at a fraction of the cost.

Data breach response. Insider threat detection. We can throw the security kitchen sink at SmartTeddy, and we’re working on a managed solutions suite for Hello Barbie, too,” Krush said.

You don’t need to clutter your living room with expensive equipment or hire full-time security staffers. Lunarline leverages our own teddy bear intrusion experts and state-of-the-art resources on your behalf.

So even if you’ve established a sound incident response plan and trained your loved ones on their roles, don’t wait for disaster to strike. Protect your family against compromised teddy bears today — visit Lunarline.com or contact us at 571.481.9300.


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