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Zero-Day Exploits Are on the Rise

Cyber security analysts are starting to release their research from 2015, and that research is giving us a clearer picture of trends and showing organizations what we they need to look out for moving forward.

Symantec recently unveiled its 2015 Internet Security Threat Report, and the security company’s findings have raised some serious concerns about the growing sophistication of hackers and their methods.

“Hackers exposed more than 400 million identities in 2015,” Symantec reports, and alarmingly, they used a record-breaking 54 zero-day exploits to accomplish this – more than double the 24 zero-days recorded in 2014. That shows an alarming pickup in the rate of growth, considering that 2013’s result was 23 exploits and the decade’s next highest result was the 15 deployed in 2007.

Zero-day exploits are defined as a flaw in software that has not been previously disclosed, and they typically are more powerful threats than previously identified ones. These exploits also require skilled hacking compared to established methods. The rise in their prevalence suggests increasingly savvy cyber criminals, and shows that organizations require more sophisticated defense methods in response.

The number of zero-day exploits is expected to increase again this year, so organizations should look beyond basic security tools that only identify known threats. Stronger malware assessment and monitoring solutions leverage more detailed analysis, turning suspicious network traffic into actionable intelligence and doing more to protect against zero-days.

Organizations that currently do not incorporate into their regular cyber security routines should reconsider. By actively working to find breach methods on your network, a penetration tester can catch vulnerabilities that may not have been previously identified, as well as ones that vulnerability scanning simply wouldn’t recognize.

Lunarline offers a best-in-class malware assessment program that features 24/7 analysis and is powered by the advanced intelligence of Damballa Failsafe. We also employ penetration testers who are among the best in the industry and are armed with tools that make the process convenient and cost-effective. You can learn about these tools online at Lunarline.com, or contact one of our security professionals to find out how we can help your organization better detect zero-day exploits.

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