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Who’s Protecting Your Data From the Government?


Do you ride Uber around town, rent from Airbnb or hire assistance for various tasks from TaskRabbit? If so, you’ve experienced a new and rapidly growing way of doing business, known as the “gig economy.” By connecting potential buyers to those who can provide services, companies within the gig economy have been disruptive to the old guard. They’ve attracted millions ...

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The FDIC’s New Initiative to Enhance Security

Server room interior

Cyber security headlines often use the term “major incident” in reference to data breaches involving a large number of records. But what actually classifies an incident as “major”? What is the magic number that makes a security breach more than just the garden variety? As part of an initiative to enhance its security posture, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) ...

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NIST Releases Second Draft of Agency Cyber Security Guide

Another gripping Lunarline cyber security press release

The data breach of 22.1 million records at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) stands out among 2015’s disastrous security incidents as one of the most analyzed. Experts claim this catastrophic incident is a symptom of a larger problem in government cyber security, indicating a shortcoming of compliance standards for securing organizations. Now, about a year after the OPM incident, ...

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Encrypting the Entire Web


When a small nonprofit declares a goal as lofty as encrypting the entire web, it can expect to be met with skepticism. But a San Francisco-based organization – The Internet Research Group (ISRG) – appears to be making some substantial progress toward its vision of making the internet a more private place to be, one site at a time. ISRG’s ...

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