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The Top 10 Resources for Cyber Security News and Knowledge

Cyber security threats never rest. Every day, rain or shine, major news sources break stories about new breaches, hackers go to work on more powerful exploits and analysts weigh in on best practices and threat intelligence concerns.

Taking in everything can become overwhelming, even if it’s your full-time job.

Because you can’t realistically read through every piece of cyber security journalism or analysis, you need to find the best sources that offer detailed, accurate and insightful coverage.We have a shortlist of websites we recommend you consult for industry updates.

  1. The SANS Institute: The SANS Institute is a well-established cyber security training provider that offers a wide range of resources, going well beyond major news reporting. The Institute’s Internet Storm Center relays sensor data from more than 500,000 IP addresses, along with analysis from security experts. Other features include white papers, a cyber awareness newsletter and individual blogs on several security topics.
  2. Wired: Wired — one of the biggest names in tech journalism — has a section of its website dedicated to cyber security topics. The site’s authors dive deep into major cyber news stories, making the information engaging and offering enlightening perspectives from some of the industry’s top talent.
  3. The Hacker News: The Hacker News delivers news on cyber attacks, vulnerabilities and other security topics in a feed-like style, and is an excellent source for fast, accurate and relevant reporting.
  4. Schneier on Security: Bruce Schneier is the chief technology officer at Resilient Systems and fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society. He has been writing about cyber security on his blog and through his monthly newsletter since 1998.
  5. DarkReading: DarkReading not only serves as one of the most widely read sources on cyber security news, but it also provides security professionals with active online communities where they can discuss topics with their peers.
  6. Krebs on Security: An investigative reporter by background, Brian Krebs conducts his own original research and boasts years of experience in cyber security reporting. His must-read blog posts are updated on a regular basis.
  7. The Lunarline Blog: On our blog, Lunarline offers expert perspectives on cyber security news, advice for improving your security posture and updates on the training, services and products we offer.
  8. Naked Security by Sophos: Although the Sophos blog tends to stray from topics that would contradict the company’s products or services, it still offers helpful security news coverage with practical advice.
  9. InfoSec News: InfoSec News — one of the longest-running cyber security news sites on the web — offers in-depth coverage geared toward professionals as a subscription-based service.
  10. FedScoop: FedScoop focuses on cyber security issues pertaining to the federal government, making it an excellent source for the latest news on regulation, cyber defense contracting and public-sector security.

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