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Class Rules: Protect Student Data in the Digital Classroom

Digital has been at the center of the professional world for some time now. In fact, many of us in the workforce today can’t even think back to a time before the personal computer dominated our workday. As cloud services, BYOD programs and a multitude of internet-based products create an ever more cyber-centric workplace, other areas of daily life are following in their transition to digital.

One such area is K-12 education, where dusty chalkboards and paper textbooks have begun to make room for a new breed of devices. Tablets and low-resource notebooks (e.g., Chromebooks) are becoming increasingly affordable, which makes them a realistic option for digital learning. This offers several advantages to the students — tomorrow’s leaders and working professionals.

Recently, a survey of K-12 information technology leaders, conducted by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), found that 90 percent predict at least half of their learning material will be digital within the next three years. This means young students not only will be completing assignments from a mobile device or computer, but in many cases, they will be accessing those assignments from cloud-based education platforms.

Clearly, as schools make the move toward digital learning, it is vital to secure the network environment and protect student data. Already, many school districts across the U.S. have scores of digital records they need to protect, and unlike those in finance, retail, healthcare and other major industries, they don’t yet have the resources for the job.

Ultimately, as schools plan the development of their digital resources, software programs, networks and IT teams, they must make cyber security part of the process and budget. And schools can work with a third-party security expert in the selection of cloud partners, the secure design of networks and ongoing defense protocols to mitigate risks and protect children’s privacy for the future.

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