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The Top Cyber Security Threats in 2017

Before leaving the White House, President Obama has sought to make defense from cyber security threats a national priority for the near future, proposing a 35% increase in budget ($19 billion) for cyber defense in 2017. As news stories of election hacks and record-breaking data breaches dominate headlines, it should be no mystery to anyone why protecting our nation’s networks is a rapidly growing concern. Indeed, we can expect that 2017 will, yet again, raise the bar for cyber challenges that both the private and public sectors will face.

Experts in the cyber security industry have been looking over threat intelligence data and analyzing the trends to inform predictions for the year ahead. Their forecasting is intended to help organizations prioritize their defense efforts and plan strategies for the battles to come. This year, some of those battles will be on familiar terrain, as existing threats surge in popularity. Still others will cover new ground, as new technologies and platforms gain a foothold in government administration and private enterprise.

Let’s take a look at three of the most common cyber security threats your organization should be aware of and how to protect against them:

Spear Phishing Frenzy

Phishing attacks are hardly new, but criminals who use the tactic are getting smarter. In today’s spear phishing campaigns, hackers are tailoring phishing emails to their target, increasing the likelihood that the recipient will click on malicious links.

Spear phishing is on the rise, and as a social engineering method, it’s something that requires an effort from your entire workforce. Privacy training programs and assessments of employees cyber-savvy are critical.

More Ransomware

Ransomware was a big concern for 2016, and will continue to be for 2017. We haven’t seen the end of hackers taking companies’ data hostage, as the attack type continues to be a major income generator for the internet’s miscreants.

Fighting ransomware, of course, requires awareness on the part of your employees, who need to know how to handle such an event. Also important are malware analysis services that can find existing threats and help you prioritize them.

The Internet of (Business) Things

The internet of things (IoT) is expanding beyond the home and taking on industrial applications. Insofar as this technology helps businesses gain competitive strengths, we can expect to see a rise in its popularity.  The problem, however, is that the very new types of devices and connection protocols that make up IoT still present significant vulnerabilities.

If your business feels that IoT devices are an important part of your plan, you’ll want to make sure they are implemented safely on your network and not in a position to compromise other resources. Penetration tests may be essential for exposing any vulnerabilities from this emerging tech.

Over the past few years, cyber security issues have reached new heights time and again. This year, organizations are getting better situated to fight back. Don’t get left behind. Lunarline can help you enhance your security position and get on track to deal with today’s challenging threats. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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