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5 Things You Need to Know About BYOD and Cyber Security


Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies can be a boon for organizations that implement them. Employees can use the same device for both personal and business uses to work from anywhere, which can result in increased productivity. Tasks that employees once had to leave in limbo once they left the office can now be finished outside the workplace and completed without delay. By ...

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A Look Back: Recapping our Top Five Cyber Security Posts of 2015


In recent years, a number of analyst groups have kept their fingers on the pulse of business’ cyber defense efforts, hoping to understand firms’ evolving attitudes on cyber security and privacy, and how those disciplines fit in to corporate risk management efforts. In general, studies such as The Hartford’s February 2015 survey of mid-sized businesses, have shown that organizations are ...

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3 Privacy Tips for Medical Personnel

health care privacy

When you think of electronic personal health information (PHI), you probably think of a doctor keeping records on a patient and storing them in a database at their practice. In reality, however, PHI is an information source that reaches far beyond doctors’ offices. This data, and the rules protecting it, are a concern for a broad group of health care ...

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Risky Medicine: A Poor Prognosis for Health Care Security

health care security

In the health care industry, IT solutions are moving at a breakneck pace with an aim towards integrated electronic health records, interactive patient portals, mobile engagement and more. It’s a direction that many feel is necessary to bring health care up into this millennium and improve the quality of care. However, it’s a major cause for concern for data privacy and health ...

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