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The Importance of Automation and Standardization in Cyber Security Processes

automation and standardization

To be effective, cyber security requires human intervention. A lot of companies with limited security budgets learn this the hard way. They trust security software suites to handle their defenses and find themselves victims of costly breaches. As organizations move toward more proactive security measures — including threat intelligence, penetration testing, continuous monitoring and real-time response — there is a ...

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Counter Intelligence: Your Guide to a More Proactive Cyber Security Approach

proactive cyber security

In today’s challenging cyber landscape, a proactive cyber security approach is a necessity to stay protected against aggressive cyber criminals. While a comprehensive defense program should include well-defined, reactive strategies, such as incident response and contingency planning, they do little to prevent hackers from doing serious damage to your organization. “Proactive” is a broad term to describe a cyber security ...

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Turn Your Attention to the RMF for DoD IT

Armed soldier holding modern technology computer

After several years of preparation, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) reissued critical cyber security instruction (DoDI 8510.01) in March 2014. To better align with the federal civilian government, the revised instruction set takes the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and replaces it with the Risk Management Framework for DoD Information Technology (RMF for DoD ...

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What the New Cyber Security Initiatives Mean for Your Organization


Since taking office, the Obama administration has worked to make cyber security a touchstone of its tenure. In its first term, the detailed Cyberspace Policy Review, an audit of cyber defense processes across government agencies, was commissioned. Then, based on those recommendations, it launched a complete plan for tighter security across federal agencies and for the entire country. A summary ...

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