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Encrypting the Entire Web


When a small nonprofit declares a goal as lofty as encrypting the entire web, it can expect to be met with skepticism. But a San Francisco-based organization – The Internet Research Group (ISRG) – appears to be making some substantial progress toward its vision of making the internet a more private place to be, one site at a time. ISRG’s ...

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The Challenges of Cloud Infrastructure Technology

cloud infrastructure

Should cloud computing be considered a “disruptive” force, or a steady evolution in technology? Right now, that’s a matter of some debate. Although cloud-based services and platforms have significantly changed the way companies manage their data and tech resources, this transformation didn’t happen overnight. Still, if you ask the CISOs of many organizations, you’ll find that cloud migrations have caused ...

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Law & Disorder: Why Hackers Are Going After Legal Firms

cyber security for law firms

The most respected legal firms in the country didn’t get where they are because of their cyber security prowess. But as recent incidents suggest, a strong cyber defense has become a critical part of maintaining a law practice and protecting highly sensitive client data. Recent reports show that several top law firms – including Cravath Swaine & Moore LLP and ...

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Fight Back Against Social Engineering Attacks

social engineering

Despite its reputation, hacking isn’t always about cracking code, installing malicious software or maneuvering past security configurations. Believe it or not, many hackers’ most relied-upon methods are better described as non-technical. Social engineering, a non-technical approach that exploits human error to access confidential information, is a serious threat to organizations and individuals everywhere. For years, cyber criminals have launched social ...

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