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Why Cyber Security is Different for VIPs and Executives


Everyone’s information deserves to be protected. However, this need is a lot more critical for some company employees – mainly executives, board members and other VIPs. Yet many companies with limited resources are failing to prioritize the securing of critical data for these people. This is a crucial mistake that can turn an isolated data breach into one that causes ...

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Is Your Flashlight Spying on You? Android Malware Extraordinaire.

Recently a major news outlet brought on a “security expert” to scare monger inform users about a potential privacy issue with their apps. The security company evaluated the top 10 apps on the Google Play Store (Android app store for you iOS users). They determined that because the apps required too many permission they were, in fact, malware. Let’s back ...

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Two iPhones Walk Into a Bar…


Scenario: Kevin O’Hoolihan is a sales representative for a competitive manufacturer. At an annual trade convention, Kevin is meeting with several industry colleagues and potential customers. Throughout the week he has come into contact with hundreds of new leads and sent out proposals that should net the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. That evening Kevin is talking ...

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Security Operations Centers: Not Just for Blue Chips


There was a time not too long ago when many businesses and even some government agencies thought differently about cyber security. Sure, malware and data breaches have always posed risks, and those risks have always been taken seriously. But they were regarded as a concern for IT departments, compliance offices and similar entities to worry about. Those days are long ...

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