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Who’s Protecting Your Data From the Government?


Do you ride Uber around town, rent from Airbnb or hire assistance for various tasks from TaskRabbit? If so, you’ve experienced a new and rapidly growing way of doing business, known as the “gig economy.” By connecting potential buyers to those who can provide services, companies within the gig economy have been disruptive to the old guard. They’ve attracted millions ...

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Privacy by Design for Data Protection: Useful or Useless?


Privacy by Design (PbD) is a data privacy and protection concept developed by our friendly Canadian neighbors. In general, PbD espouses the embedding of data privacy elements into organizations’ technologies and business practices. The goal is to bake privacy into the data life cycle, thereby foregoing the inefficient ad hoc privacy bolt-ons that we’re all familiar with.  It’s great in theory. ...

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How to Create (or Begin to Create) an Enterprise Privacy Program

We all know the doom-and-gloom rhetoric: protect the privacy of your customers’ data or it WILL be breached, and your organization will suffer greatly.  The problem is that there’s a lot of truth there.  It doesn’t take much research to discover how commonplace data breaches have become.  So, instead of trying to work “data privacy” into your budget in 2016, ...

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Global Privacy Standards: Overcoming Obstacles in International Growth

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In the Internet age, it’s easier than ever before to grow a business on a global scale. Empowered by digital connectivity, even small firms can reach markets half a world away, set up outsourcing arrangements and grow partnerships across international borders. The opportunities are plentiful and enticing. Yet going global is not without its challenges. And for firms transmitting data ...

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