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A Time Machine for Advanced Persistent Treats


Scan the headlines of just about any business or technology publication, and you’re likely to see something about a data breach or hack. Cyber security is a growing concern, and many companies are finally confronting their risks head-on, with coordinated, cross-departmental initiatives and advanced solutions. In many respects, this surge in activity is a case of industries playing catch-up. Historically, ...

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Ethical Hackers – The Corporate Lifesavers

ethical hacking

Hackers practice their craft for a number of reasons. Some are in it for the sheer thrill, approaching the process like a game. Others are after money, hoping to sell stolen data on the black market. Still others engage in hacks for ideological purposes, a practice commonly referred to as hacktivism. And then there are those who flex their hacking ...

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Lunarline Publishes New Healthcare Security and Privacy Services Catalog

The world of IT security and privacy consulting is in constant flux.  This is especially apparent in the healthcare space.  Changing laws, progressing healthcare practices, and brand-new technologies combine to create a highly dynamic ­­environment in which healthcare security and privacy compliance programs quickly become outdated. Specifically, the government recently passed the Final HIPAA Omnibus Rule.  This Rule made several ...

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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014: Protecting Critical Infrastructure & The Internet of Things

protecting critical infrastructure

This is the second article in our series for National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To read the first article, click here. Interconnectivity is fundamental to modern life. On a grand scale, the systems supporting our transportation, telecommunications, banking and other necessities all rely on their ability to connect. Every day, even before we power up our laptops and smartphones, we ...

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