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The Top 10 Resources for Cyber Security News and Knowledge

executive privacy

Cyber security threats never rest. Every day, rain or shine, major news sources break stories about new breaches, hackers go to work on more powerful exploits and analysts weigh in on best practices and threat intelligence concerns. Taking in everything can become overwhelming, even if it’s your full-time job. Because you can’t realistically read through every piece of cyber security ...

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Federal Agencies, Cloud Service Providers and FedRAMP – Oh my!


In 2011, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a memo declaring that cloud services leveraged by Federal agencies must comply with FedRAMP requirements by 2014. While this might seem like more red tape and hoops to jump through, it’s actually quite helpful. FedRAMP exists to establish a minimum baseline for CSPs when conducting security assessments. This serves two ...

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