What’s Lurking in Your ATM?

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Using a credit or debit card online can make some people uneasy about their data privacy. Unfortunately, those online transactions are not the only way criminals can steal your digits. Consider the notorious hack on card-reader systems used at a number of major retailers, which was responsible for hundreds of millions of compromised financial accounts in 2014-15. Perhaps less prominently ...

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The Top 10 Resources for Cyber Security News and Knowledge

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Cyber security threats never rest. Every day, rain or shine, major news sources break stories about new breaches, hackers go to work on more powerful exploits and analysts weigh in on best practices and threat intelligence concerns. Taking in everything can become overwhelming, even if it’s your full-time job. Because you can’t realistically read through every piece of cyber security ...

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Who’s Protecting Your Data From the Government?


Do you ride Uber around town, rent from Airbnb or hire assistance for various tasks from TaskRabbit? If so, you’ve experienced a new and rapidly growing way of doing business, known as the “gig economy.” By connecting potential buyers to those who can provide services, companies within the gig economy have been disruptive to the old guard. They’ve attracted millions ...

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The FDIC’s New Initiative to Enhance Security

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Cyber security headlines often use the term “major incident” in reference to data breaches involving a large number of records. But what actually classifies an incident as “major”? What is the magic number that makes a security breach more than just the garden variety? As part of an initiative to enhance its security posture, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) ...

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