Privacy by Design for Data Protection: Useful or Useless?


Privacy by Design (PbD) is a data privacy and protection concept developed by our friendly Canadian neighbors. In general, PbD espouses the embedding of data privacy elements into organizations’ technologies and business practices. The goal is to bake privacy into the data life cycle, thereby foregoing the inefficient ad hoc privacy bolt-ons that we’re all familiar with.  It’s great in theory. ...

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Usable Security: Solutions for Security Dummies (Like Me)

usable security tools

I’m a sales guy. But since Lunarline is a high-growth cyber security company, we occasionally find ourselves short-handed. When that happens, management tracks me down at happy hour, drags me back to the office and makes me do actual work. While doing real work is a drag, I have learned a few things about cyber security along the way. I’ve babysat ...

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Enterprise Encryption: Roadblocks and Opportunities


As a fundamental practice in protecting sensitive data, encryption has long been a focal point in cyber security development and implementation. However, in light of recent news on government surveillance efforts from agencies, as well as cyber espionage attempts by foreign governments, data encryption has been getting a lot of attention. When effectively applied, strong encryption algorithms are trusted to ...

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Moving Beyond the SIEM

In today’s technological landscape, where complex data networks are fundamental to business, advanced persistent threats are a nagging concern for organizations of all sizes. In an effort to combat these threats, even smaller companies have taken steps toward a more proactive cyber defense, utilizing security information event managers (SIEMs) that allow for a centralized view of security data across systems. ...

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