Safe Travels: How to Protect Your Home During the Holidays

Holiday safety tips

In the classic Christmas movie Home Alone, the precocious Macaulay Culkin had his hands full protecting his home from two bumbling burglars, Harry and Marv. It was the good old days, when life was simpler and technology had not yet ruined the nostalgia of old-fashioned stake-outs: The pair would spend the days leading up to Christmas sitting in a van, ...

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Cyber Security Insurance Is No Excuse for Poor Security

ethical hacking

Data has become so valuable and so critical to businesses that often, it is a company’s most protected asset. If a data breach were to happen today, it likely will have far-reaching consequences. These range from steep legal fees and regulatory fines, to intellectual property loss and reputation damage. The costs can be devastating, and for smaller firms, may even ...

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What Donald Trump Must Do to Improve Cyber Security

Closeup of grunge American flag

The 2016 presidential election took more than a few people by surprise. But shocked or not, the result is the same: Donald Trump will take office in January, representing a major shift in American politics. If we take the president-elect at his word, much of the policy President Barack Obama and his administration enacted over the past eight years will ...

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Do You Speak Security? 10 Cyber Security Terms You Need to Know

cyber savvy

Unless you work in the IT department, you probably haven’t had to know much about cyber security. Still, while you may not know how to chase off hackers, as cyber security becomes a crucial risk management concern for your company and others, you’ll need to understand it. The world of cyber security can feel foreign for the uninitiated, and like ...

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