What the New Cyber Security Initiatives Mean for Your Organization


Since taking office, the Obama administration has worked to make cyber security a touchstone of its tenure. In its first term, the detailed Cyberspace Policy Review, an audit of cyber defense processes across government agencies, was commissioned. Then, based on those recommendations, it launched a complete plan for tighter security across federal agencies and for the entire country. A summary ...

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DoD CIO Clearing Red Tape


For most of our Department of Defense (DoD) clients, the challenge in obtaining an authority to operate (ATO) boils down to money. Pure and simple, cyber security costs are expanding every day…well beyond what most program managers (PMs) have accounted for in budget forecasts. Vulnerabilities can hit in many ways — with the most expensive being an end of life ...

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A Time Machine for Advanced Persistent Treats


Scan the headlines of just about any business or technology publication, and you’re likely to see something about a data breach or hack. Cyber security is a growing concern, and many companies are finally confronting their risks head-on, with coordinated, cross-departmental initiatives and advanced solutions. In many respects, this surge in activity is a case of industries playing catch-up. Historically, ...

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Ohio: The Next Government Contracting Hotspot


The smoke-filled room fell silent. “You’re moving where!?”   My colleagues in the government contracting community stared in horror, as if I’d said something dreadful like advocating adherence to standards of ethical contracting or something. “Ohio!?” Oh, yes. It does seem at little odd, at first. Why would the Director of Federal Sales for one of the nation’s fastest-growing cyber security ...

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