Hacking the Heartland (Part 3): Safeguarding Farming Data


Drive through any stretch of American farmland, and you’ll see miles of reinforced fencing that protects crops and keeps out unauthorized visitors. It’s clear that security is a high priority at these critical purveyors of the U.S. food supply — and, of course, that’s for good reason. However, in an increasingly data-centered world, U.S. farms and agricultural companies have rapidly ...

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Risk Management – From Paper to Reality

Risk management

So you have completed your security controls assessment. You have beautiful risk assessment reports, and a big beautiful plan of action and milestones (POA&M). Now what? You have to bring your plan to manage risk into reality. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, if you stacked all of the paperwork generated by assessment and ...

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Hacking the Heartland (Part 2): Farming Intellectual Property

Traditional American Farm With Blue Sky

Having your trade secrets hacked is never a good thing, but there are certain areas within the U.S. economy where a hacked trade secret could lead way to an absolute disaster. One of those industries that many people don’t typically associate with highly sophisticated technology: agriculture. Nonetheless, the ag industry is currently a top concern in international cyber defense. Cyber ...

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Cyber Security: If You Don’t Know the Mission, You Don’t Know the Risk

cyber security

Like the good cyber security stewards we are, we regularly inventory our assets, assess known vulnerabilities, and stay abreast of the latest threat intelligence. So we know our risk, right? Not necessarily. When assessing risk, many cyber security professionals think of the technological impact, such as webserver downtime or the inability to deliver email. The truth is the impact is ...

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