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Cisco’s 2016 Annual Security Report: What You Should Know

proactive cyber security

Technology giant Cisco Systems releases a report each year that details the current state of affairs in cyber security, explains the latest challenges and trends in hacking, and recommends actions to minimize risks in the coming year. The 2016 Annual Security Report is now in circulation, and we at Lunarline would like to take the opportunity to call out a ...

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The Challenges of Cloud Infrastructure Technology

cloud infrastructure

Should cloud computing be considered a “disruptive” force, or a steady evolution in technology? Right now, that’s a matter of some debate. Although cloud-based services and platforms have significantly changed the way companies manage their data and tech resources, this transformation didn’t happen overnight. Still, if you ask the CISOs of many organizations, you’ll find that cloud migrations have caused ...

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There’s No Such Thing as Too Prepared in Cyber Security


There are many areas in business where too much preparation can be inefficient. And focusing too much time and energy on a particular problem can result in diminishing returns. However, when it comes to cyber security, this concept rarely applies. Just one overlooked vulnerability can turn in to an event with consequences so costly it can be very difficult for ...

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Introducing Airlock: Create Secure Configurations in Minutes


Out of the box, most devices aren’t optimized to protect against cyber attacks. And in today’s networked environments — where persistent threats are increasingly common — it’s more important than ever for companies to close security gaps. For many IT departments, this means regularly applying and reapplying secure configurations to each and every device on a company’s network. And most ...

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