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Fear, Stress and Chaos: What Does the 3PAO Want From Me?


FedRAMP can be challenging. All the paperwork, monitoring and logging has the potential to break even the most cohesive cloud service provider (CSP). And when preparing for a 3PAO assessment, numerous stressful questions often arise: What can a CSP do to prepare for the assessment? What information will the 3PAO request? Will the 3PAO provide a questionnaire detailing the artifacts ...

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Cloud Service Providers: Don’t let Your Response become Your Incident

incident response plan

More often than cloud service providers (CSPs) would like to admit, they find themselves creating a new incident with their incident response. The person in charge doesn’t have the proper authority. The incident handling process has insurmountable gaps or overlaps. The organization’s tools are outdated. Or its staff is stretched too thin or not trained properly. These issues lead to ...

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Cloud Security in the Heartbleed Era


With the discovery and announcement of the Heartbleed Bug, internet security is once again at the forefront of public interest. Although this revelation came only after a fix was developed and widely implemented, it’s understandable if the vulnerability – potentially compromising some two out of three servers on the web – has left some a uneasy about the security of ...

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