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The Challenges of Cloud Infrastructure Technology

cloud infrastructure

Should cloud computing be considered a “disruptive” force, or a steady evolution in technology? Right now, that’s a matter of some debate. Although cloud-based services and platforms have significantly changed the way companies manage their data and tech resources, this transformation didn’t happen overnight. Still, if you ask the CISOs of many organizations, you’ll find that cloud migrations have caused ...

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Surviving the FedRAMP After-Party

FedRAMP After Party

For cloud service providers, achieving FedRAMP accreditation is a major event worth celebrating. After navigating a sea of documentation, digging deep into your systems and hammering out the details of your security and privacy policies and procedures, you finally have what you need to do business with the federal government. It’s time to kick back and relax, right? Not quite. ...

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Cloud Service Providers: Get Your System Security Plan in Order Now


Quite often system security plans (SSPs) are viewed solely through the lens of compliance. And if given the opportunity, many agencies and cloud service providers (CSPs) would avoid them. This isn’t surprising since SSPs can be be arduous to create, cumbersome to navigate, and are extremely labor intensive. However, when it comes to FedRAMP, a SSP is your business card, ...

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Are You Behind the FedRAMP Curve?

FedRAMP for CSPs

Two and a half years ago, the General Services Administration (GSA) released the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), a set of security standards for uniformly assuring the security of cloud services providers (CSPs) that want to contract with government agencies. Spurred by the federal government’s renewed push toward adopting cloud services, FedRAMP compliance is once again building momentum. ...

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