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The DoD IT Risk Management Framework: A Call to Action


For 16 years, I have been working with the federal government. And in that time, nothing has ever happened efficiently. It’s not that the government’s regulations and laws aren’t well thought out. The problem is the people responsible for interpreting the laws and regulations. Quite often they’re construed in a way that best suits the interpreters and their success. In ...

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Are you Worthy? The Importance of a Certificate of Networthiness


It’s no surprise that the U.S. Army takes security very seriously. Yet, for enterprise software companies pursuing contracts with this branch of the armed services, a look at the strict regulations and standards involved can be a panic-inducing affair. Beyond simply demanding tight security controls, the Army has made it a top priority to ensure that every facet of its ...

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Lunarline Announces New Training Program to Help DoD Adapt to the new RMF for DoD IT

Another gripping Lunarline cyber security press release

Arlington, VA, April 21 – After many long years and a few false starts, The DoDI 8510.01, Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) has been officially superseded. As of March 12, 2014, DoDI 8510.01 has been re-issued. The process is now referred to as the Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD Information Technology (IT), or simply the ...

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Cloud Security in the Heartbleed Era


With the discovery and announcement of the Heartbleed Bug, internet security is once again at the forefront of public interest. Although this revelation came only after a fix was developed and widely implemented, it’s understandable if the vulnerability – potentially compromising some two out of three servers on the web – has left some a uneasy about the security of ...

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