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Get Ready for Updated NIST Compliance Requirements


Like so many areas of the American political system, federal cyber security regulation is in a period of transition. Some of the change is an effect of the presidential handoff to an administration with a markedly different agenda from the previous one. But an even greater driver has been the failure of some government agencies to protect highly sensitive data. ...

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Encrypting the Entire Web


When a small nonprofit declares a goal as lofty as encrypting the entire web, it can expect to be met with skepticism. But a San Francisco-based organization – The Internet Research Group (ISRG) – appears to be making some substantial progress toward its vision of making the internet a more private place to be, one site at a time. ISRG’s ...

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Enterprise Encryption: Roadblocks and Opportunities


As a fundamental practice in protecting sensitive data, encryption has long been a focal point in cyber security development and implementation. However, in light of recent news on government surveillance efforts from agencies, as well as cyber espionage attempts by foreign governments, data encryption has been getting a lot of attention. When effectively applied, strong encryption algorithms are trusted to ...

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Got Encryption?


Personal data is highly valuable — not just for the businesses, organizations and agencies that maintain it, but also for the hackers who go to extremes to gain access to it. Once a system vulnerability is exploited and the information extracted, hackers can command a substantial price per record on the black market where the stolen data can be used ...

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