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Boom Town: A Federal Contracting Explosion & The Collateral Damage

federal contracting explosion

I’ve been in federal services sales for nearly a decade now. This is really just another way of saying that, while the rest of my nation (and my state) struggled through the Great Recession, I was hiding out in a $300 billion alternate universe. You see, since 2000, as markets around the world got crushed, U.S. government spending on non-construction, non-R&D ...

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Ohio: The Next Government Contracting Hotspot


The smoke-filled room fell silent. “You’re moving where!?”   My colleagues in the government contracting community stared in horror, as if I’d said something dreadful like advocating adherence to standards of ethical contracting or something. “Ohio!?” Oh, yes. It does seem at little odd, at first. Why would the Director of Federal Sales for one of the nation’s fastest-growing cyber security ...

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Cyber Security for Government Contractors: Achieving Peace of Mind in a High-Risk Trade


It’s a common tactic of hackers to strike at their major targets indirectly, through connected parties that are potentially more vulnerable. This reality was brought to the nation’s attention when it was revealed that a remotely connected HVAC vendor was the entry point for last year’s massive Target breach.  Accordingly, concerns over cyber security have become particularly dire in the ...

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From the Back Office to the Front Lines: A Proposal Manager is Born


Sometimes we take a break from the serious business of cyber security blogging to get a bit more personal. Lunarliners are fascinating folk. We tell their story here. For the past two years, I’ve been the office manager here at Lunarline. For those years, it’s been a pleasure to assist all the departments we have. I got to know who’s ...

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