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Meet the Hackers

cyber crime

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” This is one of the most often repeated quotes from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, a classic work of military strategy that has become a source of inspiration across disciplines, far outside the literal battlefield. Certainly, in the ongoing cyber war, ...

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A.I. + Humans = Better Cyber Security

cyber savvy

Technology has always played a critical role in cyber security, but effective solutions always require human involvement. Scanning, monitoring and assessment programs are of limited use without an analyst to qualify results and turn them into fixes. Finding unique, advanced exploit methods remains a job for a penetration tester. The relationship between security technologies and security professionals may be best ...

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Lurking In the Shadows: Monitoring the Dark Web is Essential to Protect Your Organization

dark web

The dark web is not the kind of place for a casual cyber-stroll. Without treading carefully, tourists on Tor might stumble on things they can’t un-see or download malware they can’t resolve. While the anonymized internet has its legitimate uses, it’s also the online home of illegal trade, shadowy subcultures, hackers-for-hire and various other kinds of depravity. However, as odd ...

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Improving Your Organization’s Cyber Security Situational Awareness

cyber security situational awareness

In the last decade, businesses and government agencies have seen tremendous growth in their cyber capabilities. Networked technologies have become a necessity for virtually everything an organization does, and electronic data is the lifeblood of most core operations. However, as institutions have made their move in to cyberspace, black hat hackers, foreign spies and other cyber criminals have been there ...

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