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Cyber Security: Make a Midyear Assessment


We are halfway through 2016, making right now the perfect time for your organization to reassess, regroup and readjust to finish the year strong. No, we’re not talking about a new marketing plan or an organizational redo — we’re talking about putting in a solid cyber defense plan that will put you in good standing for the rest of 2016 ...

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Combating the Latest Advanced Malware Attacks

advanced malware

Malware is a persistent cyber security problem that continues to grow, both in the sophistication of exploits and in the breadth of their application. In 2014, advanced malware programs targeting mobile platforms, and particularly the android operating system, grew exponentially. And combined statistics for mobile and desktop platforms show that Malware hackers have made a considerable push forward, with an ...

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Stuxnet – A Lesson in Combating Modern Cyber Warfare


The threat of cyber attacks is more prevalent today than ever before. Criminals and government organizations are in a fierce battle that many don’t notice until the aftermath. Credit cards and personal information are leaked from large companies and the breaches are widely publicized by the media. However, there’s another, less publicized type of cyber warfare occurring…and these strategic attacks often ...

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Why Cyber Security is Different for VIPs and Executives


Everyone’s information deserves to be protected. However, this need is a lot more critical for some company employees – mainly executives, board members and other VIPs. Yet many companies with limited resources are failing to prioritize the securing of critical data for these people. This is a crucial mistake that can turn an isolated data breach into one that causes ...

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