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Lunarline: Your Partner in Security Compliance


On paper, the work of a cyber-security team sounds like one nonstop adventure! Stopping the attacks of cybercriminals around the world who are continually developing more sophisticated and more frightening exploit methods – it’s not a bad starting premise for a techno-thriller, right? Sure, staying a step ahead of malicious hackers has the potential to get interesting. However, the more ...

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Federal Agencies, Cloud Service Providers and FedRAMP – Oh my!


In 2011, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a memo declaring that cloud services leveraged by Federal agencies must comply with FedRAMP requirements by 2014. While this might seem like more red tape and hoops to jump through, it’s actually quite helpful. FedRAMP exists to establish a minimum baseline for CSPs when conducting security assessments. This serves two ...

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