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No Website Is Immune From Cyber Attacks

proactive cyber security

No matter what industry you’re in, your website is among your most important assets. A web presence is a must-have for maintaining credibility in today’s connected landscape. And for many firms, a public website is a direct source of sales or even a user-facing product unto itself. But however your website fits into your business strategy, there’s no question that ...

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3 Tips for Avoiding Data Hostage Situations


At the start of the year, Lunarline predicted that ransomware would be among the top cyber security concerns for 2016. This long-standing threat – in which a hacker takes system resources hostage and demands a fee to regain access – is rapidly becoming more popular. This is a part of a larger, concerning trend in which yesterday’s hacking methods are ...

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Moving Beyond Basic Managed Security Services

managed security services

It seems like a common sense solution: “As long as we make sure we’re scanning our systems, monitoring for intrusions, and reporting any events, we should be able to keep the hackers out.” It’s true that monitoring and reporting are essential parts of cyber security. However, the reality is that, with the prevalence of advanced persistent threats and the sheer ...

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Ethical Hackers – The Corporate Lifesavers

ethical hacking

Hackers practice their craft for a number of reasons. Some are in it for the sheer thrill, approaching the process like a game. Others are after money, hoping to sell stolen data on the black market. Still others engage in hacks for ideological purposes, a practice commonly referred to as hacktivism. And then there are those who flex their hacking ...

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