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Who’s Protecting Your Data From the Government?


Do you ride Uber around town, rent from Airbnb or hire assistance for various tasks from TaskRabbit? If so, you’ve experienced a new and rapidly growing way of doing business, known as the “gig economy.” By connecting potential buyers to those who can provide services, companies within the gig economy have been disruptive to the old guard. They’ve attracted millions ...

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3 Privacy Tips for Medical Personnel

health care privacy

When you think of electronic personal health information (PHI), you probably think of a doctor keeping records on a patient and storing them in a database at their practice. In reality, however, PHI is an information source that reaches far beyond doctors’ offices. This data, and the rules protecting it, are a concern for a broad group of health care ...

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The New FTC/APEC/EU Agreement – Path Forward or Symbolic Gesture?


The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), APEC and EU authorities recently announced a joint agreement to aid companies in achieving compliance with global data privacy obligations.  The Agreement is aimed at providing companies with a checklist of common principles in the EU’s Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) and APEC’s Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPRs) processes.  The two programs are designed to ...

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Identity Management: a Key to Securing Data in Today’s Networked Environments


These days, we live and work online. Internet-based interactions make up a large part of our daily experience. And bits of data transferred over companies’ networks often qualify as critical business assets. We communicate important decisions via email, consult search engines for answers and keep in touch with social networks. So really, a good portion of our reality is now ...

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