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Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: What You Need to Know

If “zero-day exploit” hadn’t previously been a part of your vocabulary, 2016 is the year to make the term stick. Cisco’s annual report on the state of cyber security indicated a surge in the sophisticated hacks that fall under the zero-day heading. And that was before a number of recent events drew widespread concern from the cybersecurity field and the ...

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Meet the Hackers

cyber crime

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” This is one of the most often repeated quotes from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, a classic work of military strategy that has become a source of inspiration across disciplines, far outside the literal battlefield. Certainly, in the ongoing cyber war, ...

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A.I. + Humans = Better Cyber Security

cyber savvy

Technology has always played a critical role in cyber security, but effective solutions always require human involvement. Scanning, monitoring and assessment programs are of limited use without an analyst to qualify results and turn them into fixes. Finding unique, advanced exploit methods remains a job for a penetration tester. The relationship between security technologies and security professionals may be best ...

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New Private Sector Compliance Requirements on the Horizon?

compliance on horizon

The nation’s cyber security has been high on the Obama administration’s list of priorities since taking office. Its first effort came in late 2008 in the form of the Cyberspace Policy Review, and since then several initiatives have been implemented in an effort to put the federal government, private sector and public in a better position to defend against cybercrime. ...

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