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5 Solutions to Boost Your Cyber Security Posture in 2015


With numerous companies and organizations – from Sony to the MLB – falling victim to high-profile breaches, 2014 certainly generated lot of cyber security buzz. Now, as 2015 approaches, many organizations are taking a lesson from 2014 and aggressively driving their firms toward stronger cyber security solutions. If your company plans to improve its cyber security position in the coming ...

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Lunarline Opens New Facility in Ohio to Meet Increasing Cyber Security Demand


Without a doubt, cyber security is a challenging — sometimes even panic-inducing — undertaking for businesses. With a constant stream of news articles announcing catastrophic breaches and warnings about the specter of advanced persistent threats, it’s increasingly apparent that fully realized security solutions and all-inclusive privacy training programs are must-haves for companies. Today, most firms depend on sensitive data, stored ...

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Do You Have a Hackable Office?

Office workers at night

For many companies, cyber crime has taken a prime spot on their list of concerns. According to ESG research published in June 2014, 62 percent of organizations surveyed have plans to increase their funding for cyber security initiatives in the near future, and 32 percent said that cyber security is one of their top budgeting priorities. Yet with so much ...

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The Third-Party Challenge: Keeping Hackers Out of Remote Access Systems


Giving third-party vendors remote network access opens up new possibilities for organizations. It can streamline operations, enhance service and support functions, and ultimately help a business become more competitive. Unfortunately, for all the benefits it offers, third-party remote access also raises critical cyber security concerns. Many recent network breach incidents involve third-party remote access tools as an entry point. For ...

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