Taking Cyber Security and Privacy Tracking to Dashboards

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From FISMA audits to A&A and everything in between, we understand requirements are complex and time is short.  The thought, “there has to be a better way” is not left unheard.  The solution is here.

Lunarline is engaged with numerous Federal Security and Privacy Collaboration Solution projects on the Microsoft SharePoint platform that eliminates the chaos. Our designs and solutions are current and we share our experiences with you.  Our team is extensively cross-trained and has significant experience developing tools that will simplify your compliance process in portals branded and built to reflect your agency, your process, and your team.

Providing style and function go hand in hand to capture your audience. Our uniqueness is the blend of both creative and technical skills that when combined deliver truly extraordinary sites that are specific to your industry with the perfect balance of form and factor.  Based on years of delivering Cyber Security and Privacy Collaboration Solutions for customers, we have developed our own specialized way of doing things and share our valuable lessons learned.  We offer flexible delivery methods that encompass structured activities, plans and deliverables but also take into account the uniqueness of your business.

Tracking and Collaboration Portals

  • Get a full picture of current progress against your business targets using real-time, user-targeted dashboards.
  • Remove the need to merge numerous spreadsheets and document versions and instead have a single working copy.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work in the same document at the same time as others and collaborate seamlessly.
  • Have comfort knowing you have automatically saved versions for historical reach back.
  • Avoid redundancy with the simplicity to upload any supporting artifact once (policies, memos, emails, and more), then link it to multiple documents and tasks to finally get the “big picture”.
  • Escape mail jail and stop email overload, while ensuring all stakeholders have access to their documents and tasks in a convenient, targeted interface.

Engagement Option

Proofs of ConceptFull Project Delivery

Team AugmentationManaged Services

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