We help complex organizations securely navigate an evermore threatening cyber world.

Our clients in the private sector and across the Intelligence, Defense and Federal Civilian communities rely on Lunarline to design, implement and optimize secure solutions to modern cyber security challenges.  

Lunarline's cyber security services address every facet of the security puzzle. Backed by our suite of security automation tools and trained in our award-winning School of Cyber Security, Lunarline's team of cyber security experts will help you fight back against modern cyber crime.

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Managed Security Services

You have an organization to run. Your IT personnel are rightfully focused on operational priorities, new projects and resolving day-to-day IT emergencies. Nothing, not even an evermore perilous cyber threat landscape, can distract from this core mission.

Instead, let us fight back for you

The Lunarline Managed Security Services Team applies lessons learned from our support to the DoD and Intelligence Communities to the unique challenge of 24x7x365 cyber security monitoring. We apply many of the same advanced 24x7x365 monitoring, analytical and reporting capabilities that are in use by some our nation's most advanced cyber defense teams. But we do so flexibly, in a way that limits the impact on your day-to-day operations.

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Security Compliance 

Organizations that do business with the federal government must navigate an ever-shifting maze of cyber security acronyms. FISMA. FedRAMP. HIPAA. RMF for DoD IT. ISO 27001.  

Etc. ad nauseum.

These standards are a real pain. Security compliance is expensive. It's a distraction from your core business. But, failure to achieve compliance undermines your clients' confidence in your ability to safeguard sensitive information. 

Lunarline specializes in helping organizations efficiently tackle security compliance challenges. We approach compliance as security engineers. We get that fitting the square peg of compliance into the round hole of technical and business reality is a real challenge, one that has profound implications for the future of your organization.

Contact us to start working with a Lunarline security engineer to develop a streamlined, lasting approach to your security compliance challenges. 

Specialized Security Assessments

Working in close cooperation with your IT and security personnel, we draw upon our backgrounds in the Defense, Intelligence and Fortune 500 communities to expose your organization to the realities of modern cyberwar. Our penetration testing team assesses your vulnerability to the latest attack techniques. The Lunarline Advanced Malware Assessment Team roots out hidden attackers exploiting your systems. And our software assurance personnel dive deep into your code to discover hidden vulnerabilities that expose your products to advanced cyber attacks. 

Contact us and we can start working with you to design a specialized security assessment program tailored to your unique risk profile and security objectives.

A Team Built to Face Modern Cyber Security Challenges

Lunarline personnel have exceptional experience operating in the world's most demanding cyber environments. They've deployed to provide advanced cyber forensics on behalf of the Department of Defense. They've stood watch in the Security Operations Centers of our nation's most sensitive Intelligence Agencies. And they've helped some of our nation's largest, most complex organizations engineer secure, streamlined solutions to modern cyber challenges.

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