Oh we know. It's pretty fun.

Waltzing home. Telling your friends and family that you work in cyber security. Basking in the cyber hero worship.

"Oh wow!"   "That sounds so cool!"   "You must be soooo smart!"     

It's pretty sweet.

But back at the office, the SOC just sent over a 400 page threat intel report that makes exactly zero sense. Your boss is demanding to know why that last vulnerability scan was such a mess. And it would take an army of lawyers to untangle the latest security compliance requirements that just landed on your desk.

That's when reality sets in.

This cyber security stuff is hard

LSchool of Cyber Security - Cyber Security Training Logo unarline's School of Cyber Security offers dozens of courses that equip you with the skills you need to navigate an increasingly complicated cyber world. From regulatory compliance, to ethical hacking, to security operations and incident response, we offer NSA/CNSS certified courses that span the cyber spectrum.

Intense like boot camp. Fun like recess.

You'll work hard at the School of Cyber Security. You'll dissect the latest vulnerabilities, pour over security architecture diagrams, and assess the latest cyber security regulations. Our instructors - who have decades of real-world cyber security experience - will push you to understand new concepts, learn new techniques and grow as security professionals.

At the same time, sitting through all day, week long security courses is no one's idea of a good time.  So we've made Lunarline's cyber security courses interactive and even fun. You'll spend less time listening to lectures, and more time engaging new material, hands-on.

Award-winning eLearning innovation

In addition to delivering training at our fully-equipped, in-house training facility, Lunarline helps organizations develop custom training programs tailored to unique requirements. We can work with your team to improve existing training content, or we can design entirely new courses from the ground up.Cyber Security Training eLearning Avatars

Our eLearning Courseware Development Team - winner of a federal Cyber Security Excellence Award and the Cyber Security Forum's 5-Star Training Award - specializes in developing interactive web-based training programs. Delivered through a dedicated Learning Management System, we can provide on-demand, 508 and SCORM compliant training programs to students around the world.

An elite group

Our alumni include some of our nation's most elite cyber security professionals. Personnel from NASA, SOCOM, CENTCOM, DISA, the Joint Staff, the Intelligence Community, and from across the Fortune 500 have benefited from Lunarline's interactive, engaging approach to cyber security education.

2018 SCS Training Calendars

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2018 Training Schedule - Arlington, Virginia

2018 Training Schedule - Kettering, Ohio

2018 Training Schedule - Orlando, Florida (Remote and Online)

To join this elite group, visit www.schoolofcybersecurity.com to view current course offerings or contact training@lunarline.com to learn more.

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