Deep Space Surveillance Team

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Our Cyber Threat Hunters are called the Deep Space Survellience team, and we can help add additional peace of mind in protecting your digital assets.

Our hunt team focuses on monitoring the internet for data regarding whether your information is where it should be…within your organization

We focus on 4 Major areas for our Hunts

  • Open Web Intelligence
  • Deep and Dark Web Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • VIP Intelligence

Our 24x7 Monitoring and Targeted Hunts can inform organizations of Doxxing, Breaches, Targeted Hacking campaigns from threat actors, or other potential threat vectors.

Lunarline's Deep Space Surviellience Team is a multicultural team with skill in the following languages:
English, Spanish, German, Korean

We also have staff with familiarity with:
French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, and Punjabi.

This gives our hunters an edge in finding breaches and hacking forums online, as not only being reliant on one language severely limits any intelligence gathering efforts.

Email MARS@LUNARLINE.COM for More information, and secure your network.