Lunarline ensures that all data collected during forensic investigations can be used in court, by employing tools that are forensically sound and highly accurate. We make all of this possible by implementing best practice standards and following industry guidelines. Our team includes Guidance Software trained and EnCase Certified personnel, who can serve as expert witnesses while also providing high-level deliverables to our clients. 

Forensic Services

Data forensics, also often called computer forensics, encompasses many tasks performed. Lunarline is able to conduct data (computer) forensics on many types of devices such as computers, mobile devices, and more. The term describes tasks used during forensic investigations, including:

  • Recovery of information
  • Investigation of data (preservation, analyzing, identification, etc.)
  • Identifying how data is used

During forensic investigations, both volatile and persistent data are analyzed.

  • Volatile data is data that is
  • Persistent data is data that is much easier to find. Data of this type can be found on

Our team is able to use their forensics training to search for both data types during even complex investigations. While computer investigations are more common, Lunarline is also able to assist with network and mobile forensics.

As part of the agreement with our clients, our forensics team is able to use many methods to accomplish requested tasks. Such methods include, but are not limited to:

  • reverse engineering
  • advanced system analysis
  • accurate tracking of data types
  • E-discovery

The forensic services (both on site or from our forensics lab) that the Lunarline forensic team can provide for you, include:

  • Computer and Server forensic investigations
  • Data Recovery
  • E-Discovery
  • Encryption cracking
  • Data acquition and analysis
  • Computer/Electronic crime investigation
  • Incident response investigations
  • Recovery & Restoration
  • Password analysis