Global Privacy Services

Doing business globally can result in significant compliance obligations for companies seeking to take advantage of new markets, cloud or mobile computing, offshore data processing,  or interaction with social media platforms. Companies looking to be more cost effective are seeking ways to consolidate resources by implementing processes that transmit data across country borders.

Strict data privacy laws have been passed in dozens of countries and many more are currently in the process of implementing  them. The risks of noncompliance have increased so that companies can face criminal penalties, hefty fines and serious reputational damage for violations of individual country laws.  Due to the complexity and sometimes conflicting nature of privacy laws in different regions, companies spend significant time and resources identifying obligations that are applicable to their global businesses. 

Lunarline can assist you with understanding your global privacy obligations and provide you with tools to help meet those obligations.  Our solutions reduce risk of regulatory and criminal penalties and help you protect personal data throughout your global organization. By increasing your privacy know-how, we can help you become more marketable to partner entities that seek to do business with compliant organizations.

Lunarline’s specific services include:

  • Global privacy program management
  • Personal data compliance methodology
  • Implementation of applicable international privacy frameworks
  • Development of Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)
  • Creation of Model Contracts
  • Safe Harbor program implementation 
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