Ask most security professionals what they've been working on lately, and they'll say the same thing: "putting out fires!"

Information security is a reactive profession. We wait until something goes wrong and then we leap into action to remediate the problem. We keep our eyes glued to the SIEM looking for beaconing activity or a brute force, and then we quarantine and blacklist the problem into oblivion. On our best days, we might even be so bold as to run some vulnerability scans and patch a few systems!

Do you want your security program to be more proactive than reactive?

Ground Station aggregates threat intelligence and correlates it to assets within your organization so that you can take action and mount a pre-emptive defense before the adversaries send a single packet towards your network.

Welcome to Ground Station!

Ground Station combines the pedigree of an enterprise application with the sleek ease-of-use of a consumer application to solve your cyber intelligence needs. This is the cyber security application that business owners crave and end users adore.

Ground Station's Dashboard. (Resist the temptation to lick your screen.)

Lunarline has partnered with iSIGHT Partners to bring world-class cyber intelligence reports to your security operations. iSIGHT collects intelligence on threat actors, vulnerabilities, and malware using a proprietary combination of technical, open source, and human intelligence. Ground Station provides you with the analysis tools you need to correlate that intelligence to the hardware and software you're running on your most critical assets. Ground Station implements CybOX and STIX data standards and TAXII protocols to capture threat reports from a multitude of sources. 

Federal government is encouraging, and in some cases enforcing, the use of these standards to share threat data among both government and commercial organizations. Ground Station will help organizations comply with these standards as well as contribute to the overall threat intelligence community.

With over 14,000 cumulative intelligence reports and up to 100 new intelligence reports each day, you might be concerned about being overwhelmed trying to separate the signal from the noise. But don't worry, we've got your back.

Effortless tagging for quickly organizing and recalling the most valuable intelligence.

Ground Station makes it easy for your security operations team to analyze, search, and share intelligence reports. Browse the day's new reports or use keyword search to instantly sift through thousands of reports. When you find intelligence that you deem valuable, use tags to organize that intelligence for later recall, or share that intelligence report with other authorized users.

The last thing you need is another tool that requires constant attention and provides questionable value, right? We designed Ground Station to be easy to set up out-of-the box. It connects to your enterprise authentication directory for easy user management. It also synchronizes asset data seamlessly with your enterprise configuration management database.

Correlate intelligence reports to assets based on industry standard CVSS scoring.

If you run a very large enterprise, you already know that 100% security is not cost feasible. Instead, you focus the majority of your effort on securing the enterprise's most critical assets.

Ground Station assists you with this risk-based approach to decision making. It automatically correlates intelligence reports to the assets in your environment, so that you can easily highlight intelligence that concerns your critical assets. Ground Station also uses confidentiality, integrity, and availability impact scores for each asset to compute weighted risk scores using the industry standard CVSS methodology.

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