Lunarline Security Products

We are security professionals building products for security professionals. If you have ever used a vulnerability scanner, hardened a computer system, or conducted a penetration test, we have a tool for you.


Airlock automates the application of security configurations to computer systems. We provide scripts collections (called Locksets) that apply security configurations that align with DISA STIG baselines.

Ground Station

Ground Station provides relevant threat intelligence at wire speed. By correlating threat data with the assets deployed in your organization, Ground Station enables you to prevent security breaches rather than reacting to them.


Sniper turbo charges your penetration tests by providing real-time asset collection scans along with interactive vulnerability and exploit data. Sniper can even automate some of your exploits, giving you instant shell access to your targets. Sniper's collaboration tools also allow you to share your pen testing progress with your colleagues.

Vulnerability Scan Converter

Vulnerability Scan Converter saves you epic amounts of time processing the reports from your vulnerability scanners. Simply export your scan data to a VSC compatible format like XML, and we'll collect the data from each scanner into one, easy-to-read Excel workbook. VSC will even help you build FedRAMP and DIACAP compliant POA&Ms!