Make FedRAMP Great Again!

Thanks for your support and dedication to protecting our country’s vital information. Lunarline understands becoming compliant with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) can be a daunting task. The cost alone drives mid-sized Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) away! The averaget mid-range CSP can spend upwards of $2.2 Million to achieve a FedRAMP authorization. That’s why “We Need You!” You, CSP, to help establish a bright, successful future for FedRAMP.

Lunarline believes in making these opportunities available for everyone -- not only a select few.

Now is the time.

Together, with the support of Lunarline’s FedRAMP services, we WILL Make FedRAMP Great Again! Here’s how:

Need an assessment? We’ve got you covered with the following services:


Full Independent 3PAO Assessment

As one of the original FedRAMP-accredited Third Party Assessment Organizations (3PAOs), Lunarline has authorization to conduct assessments and report results to the FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO).  Lunarline's approach makes the assessment process as painless and fair as possible.

All testing is backed by detailed test plans developed in full coordination with your team. Early in the process all requirements are clearly communicated. We also take the time to understand your technical and business requirements, so we have the context we need to provide a fair assessment of security control implementation.


​FedRAMP  Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for the New FedRAMP-Ready? As an accredited 3PAO, Lunarline completes a FedRAMP Readiness Assessment and develops the FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Report (RAR).

According to the RAR template, “FedRAMP only “grants a “FedRAMP-Ready” designation when the information in the RAR indicates a CSP is likely to achieve a Joint Authorization Board (JAB) “Provisional Authorization-to- Operate” (P-ATO) or “Agency ATO” for the system.”


Need assistance engineering your cloud service, developing the FedRAMP package, or with staff augmentation? Lunarline is ready to assist.

 FedRAMP Consulting and Advisor Services

Our comprehensive consulting services help you implement a tailored, efficient, and lasting security and compliance program. By leveraging our expertise as a 3PAO for numerous agencies and commercial organizations, we ensure our clients are prepared to successfully navigate the FedRAMP authorization process.


Need to learn more about FedRAMP? From business development to formal education and classes, Lunarline’s got you covered.


Lunarline workshops provide customized overviews of FedRAMP at a managerial, operational, and general technical level. This includes discussions related to strategic planning and the resources required to complete FedRAMP. Lunarline assists C-level, Senior Management, and decision makers in understanding the challenges associated with FedRAMP in order to successfully become compliant. ​


​Education Awareness and Training

Lunarline’s FedRAMP training is for organizations who need to know more than the basics. We provide FedRAMP and security compliance training tailored to your organization's unique requirements and technology.

We’ll focus on cloud security issues, and security concepts for the three types of cloud computing. We’ll also explain requirements for FedRAMP and what CSPs and agencies must do to perform the activities necessary to be ready.

We'll teach you how to:

Tailor controls
prepare documentation
Identify and fix problems
Survive an assessment. 


For more information checkout our website:

The School of Cyber Security

Cyber Certified Experts (CCE) Program

Lunarline Library


Need a few tips and tricks to successfully comply with FedRAMP? Check out our blogs. Topics include Are You Ready for the New FedRAMP Readiness Capabilities Assessment?, Top 10 Things a Cloud Service Provider Can Do to Prepare for a FedRAMP Assessment, and other FedRAMP related stories.  


 FedRAMP Products

The Lunarline FedRAMP Team works with the Lunarline Product Development Team to identify opportunities for automation where a technological solution can greatly improve efficiency, thus reducing costs for CSPs. For example, we have developed a proprietary tool that converts scan results from popular scanning tools such as Tenable Nessus, AppDetectivePRO, and HP WebInspect into an Excel document for easier analysis.


Thank you again for joining the move to Make FedRAMP Great. Whether acting as an assessor or consultant, Lunarline is prepared to help.  We verify and validate the proper implementation of the data sanitization guidelines to ensure your organization stays out of the news. (If your E-mail server IS compromised, take advantage of our  Data Breach Response services.)

For more information, Contact today at to talk with a security consultant about your organization's unique FedRAMP requirements.